Why our customers fell in love with cryotherapy!

3 minutes. 1-2X per week. Cryotherapy has become a valuable addition to my personal wellness routine.

Immediate effects: increase in energy level, enhanced feeling of well-being, happier mood.

Long-term results: faster recovery from workouts, persistent knee pain/inflammation is gone, decreased muscle soreness, firm skin tone, increased mobility, better tolerance of cold temperatures. The more I researched, the more I was convinced that cold therapy could enhance my body's innate healing capabilities and my health. Experience has proven this to be correct. I'm hooked!

- Mary

Cryotherapy has been an ongoing, exhilarating experience for me. My wife researched the health benefits but I was kind of nervous and apprehensive at first to try it. Once I did, I became addicted to it in a good way. It has helped with joint pain, muscle soreness and exercise recovery. I also love the feeling after my freeze session is over and blood flows back to my extremities. It has also helped me sleep better at night.

I highly recommend cryotherapy as an addition to your healthy way of life.

- Mark

My Legs recover faster and I feel great. I set multiple PRs this past year from using cryotherapy everyday before my races.

- Student Athlete

My arthritis has significantly improved- I don't take my daily pill anymore since signing up for cryotherapy. I definitely can tell when I've missed a week- my overall fatigue level is much improved- my energy is great and I've been able to run again which didn't happen since my diagnosis.

Love the cryostrong team! They are all wonderful and I look forward to my sessions!

It has helped me recover after a workout. I struggle with a bad knee and surgery isn't on the table but with cryotherapy my knee's swelling and pain have gone done.

- Josh