We've Gone Private 

Cryostrong has closed its retail location.  Private sessions may be available at a future date.
Reduce Inflammation
Increase Energy
  Accelerate Recovery
Burn Calories         
Reduce Signs of Aging
   Manage Chronic Pain
Invigorate body & mind

/ ˌkrīōˈTHerəpē/

Cryotherapy is whole body exposure to subzero temperatures, aka cold therapy.  Studies have shown that exposing the body to such temperatures can help reduce inflammation, relieve muscle soreness, improve energy, boost endorphins, and much much more.
It is not a medical procedure but a non-invasive option for people seeking faster recovery, pain relief, reduced inflammation,  energy, and rejuvenation.
Widely used in training and wellness centers and spa-like settings in Europe, the treatment is now becoming a popular alternative wellness  therapy available in the U.S.